Our mini vacation in the mountains

Where shall I begin…..

About 3 weeks ago my dad messaged me and said he wanted me and Jeremy to come to the mountains and take a break. He was going to pay for us a night in a suite at The Switzerland Inn. Really?? Ok! We need a quiet break from everyday life and screaming kids. So I began to plan our mini vacation. Eeekkkk! 

I researched the Inn itself, things to see, places to eat, how long it would take to get there, which roads we were taking. I looked into EVERYTHING! I asked my best friend if she would keep our little one for us. She said yes, of course. As the weeks went by I went over and over in my head what all we needed to pack and what needed to be done before we left. The week before we were set to leave I began packing. The night before I made sure our suitcase was packed and made sure our little one had her bags packed. 

Friday morning we wake up and get ready. Get the bags in the truck. Then head off to drop the baby off to my best friend. I cry a little because its the first time I had ever left her overnight. Much less 2 nights. Anyway, we drop her off and hit the road towards the mountains. 

We ride for 4 hours through back country roads. Towards the end we start into the mountain roads. You know. Those roads that curve back and forth to get you up the mountain. We finally reach our destination. Its about 1230 when we got there. Our suite  wasnt ready so we just chilled and hung out. Checked out a few of the little shops that are all part of the resort. About 130 I check and our room is ready. We get parked and get our bags out. We get into our suite. Which is EXTREMELY nice. It had a huge king size pillow top mattress, a loveseat, a rocker-glider and a huge TV that swiveled. The best part was the view we had of the mountains from our room.

After we get settled we decide its time to find some food. So we venture to the Chalet Restaurant that’s part of the resort. Our table has an amazing view! We proceed to order our lunch. Which was delicious! I got a warm turkey sandwich with apricot mayo, YUM! Jeremy got the shrimp tacos, which looked delicious too!

After lunch we just walked around and looked at everything. Sat at the Terrace Bar and had a drink. By that time my dad and stepmom, Delinda, were there. We sat and talked with them for a bit. Laughed and laughed! Then we all decided it was dinner time. We decided we would try out the Fowl Play Pub. We venture to it and eventually get a seat. They have a guy playing song covers. Awesome songs too. Mostly older stuff. Anyway, we order our food. I get the pub burger. Again, delicious. Not frozen or pre-pattied meat. Jeremy got the shrimp basket, which had some HUGE shrimp. Dad got the wings and Delinda got the beef tacos. All of which was amazing! We sat and talked and laughed. Laughed so hard at times we almost cried. To end our first night there we sat beside the fire pit the resort had. Then it was off to bed. 

The next morning we wake up and get ready to meet dad and Delinda for breakfast. Yet again, NOT disappointed one bit with the Chalet food. I ordered the bacon, egg and cheese with grits. Delish! Jeremy got the eggs, bacon, grits and toast plate. Again, looked delish! Dad got the same plate and Delinda got pancakes. Such good food! We all talk about what we are going to do that day. Dad made it VERY clear for us to go spend time together. Not to worry about being under them. The whole point was for me and Jeremy to spend time together. So off me and him go…..

First stop was Old Fort. This is where the Cherokee took a last stand. In 1930 a arrowhead monument was placed. There wasnt much to it but still awesome to see. History is awesome. 

Next, we went to the Mountain Gateway Museum. Which is just all the history of Old Fort. They even had some old homes build in the late 1800s moved onto the property. You could walk inside them and look around. They had all the old furniture set up in them too. 

After the museum we found a small creek and took some pictures. It was super peaceful. 

Then it was off to our next destination. Catawba Falls. I was determined to see a waterfall being as I had NEVER seen one. Catawba Falls was only a 10 minute drive from the museum. So, off we went. Once we parked we had to hike into the woods to get to it. Little did we know it was a 1.5 mile hike to get to it. That’s 1.5 miles UPHILL. Yes, 1.5 miles up, up, up. Needless to say, I got a good workout and our legs were exhausted. So, we made it all the way up to the waterfall. Unfortunately, it wasnt a full, raging waterfall. But we did get to see it! After we snapped pictures and took in the beauty we headed back down on this 1.5 mile hike back to the truck. 

After the waterfall we headed out on our longest venture. Chimney Rock, NC. It took us about 45 minutes of going back and forth along mountain back roads. Literally back and forth. The speed limit was only 35 through these roads. I have to say though, it was some pretty country to see. Very peaceful. At times we would be the only ones on the road for 15-20 minutes. We were so deep into the mountains that my GPS wouldn’t even work. Anyway, we venture along and get to Chinmey Rock. First, we had to go through a town named Bat Cave. Yes, Bat Cave, NC. We make our way up to the entrance booth and pay our fees to get in. (Thank goodness for military discount) Once we pay we still have another 2 mile drive to get to parking. Now these were some curvy roads. Very curvy! We make it to the top and park. We venture up to the base of Chimney Rock and start climbing the stairs to the top. Well, the more we climb the more my legs are reminding me of the 3 mile hike we took just a few hours ago. We stop on one the viewing platforms and look around. Oh, and rest our screaming legs. We look up to see how much further we have to go to get to the top. Almost simultaneously we both say, nah we’ll just go back down. When I say we had 1000+ steps left to the top I am not kidding one single bit. There is no way in the world my legs would have let me get up the rest of those stairs. We make our way back down and wonder around the gift shop for a minute. Then we decide its time to head back to our room and figure out dinner for our last night there. So off we go……

Once we are back at the room I start looking for nearby restaurants. One that doesn’t require going back down the mountain. I find a place called Mountain View Restaurant. It’s only 3 miles down the road. Ok, we can handle that! We get ready and head out for dinner. We find the place, park and go in. We have a choice of inside or outside. Outside please! We sit, look at the menu and order. I got the chicken alfredo, which was delicious. Jeremy got a ribeye steak which looked yummy. The most awesome thing was the view we had while we ate. The restaurants sign said, Dining with a Million Dollar View. Well, they were right……

Being it was our last night and we had that drive back to Raeford the next morning, we just chilled and went to bed. 

The next morning we woke up and got our stuff together so we could go. We had breakfast one more time with my dad and Delinda. We took some pictures with them and then said our goodbyes. Then we were on our way back to Raeford to pick up our little one we missed so much. 

Needless to say, we had an amazing time! I am so thankful that my dad offered such an amazing gift. Thank you dad!


My little business….

Ok. This post is going to be totally different than the rest. I want to share this wonderful company that has given me the chance to have a small business right here at home. Right here with my children. Who are they?

        Younique. YOUNIQUE. Younique. 

First off, let me say, their mission alone is a reason to absolutely love them. 

  • Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

Who can’t love that? What a positive message!

Anyway. Back to my point. This company has give me so much more than the opportunity to be at home with my children. They have helped me see how beautiful I really am. I’ve always been a very big hearted, giving person. I just never could find the outer beauty to go along with it. Main reason, I can not stand tons of makeup on my face. Well, Younique has mastered that. They make everything to where it doesn’t take hardly any to make an impact. So, now I am officially a makeup addict. Wait, let me take that back. I am officially a Younique addict! 

I have been able to come out of my shell and feel beautiful! Thank for that Younique!  Now, my mission is to help other women see the real them. The beautiful them, inside and out.  

Come join the movement! 

My battles…. My Army battles. 

Here we go y’all…..

Tonight I’m sitting here watching Navy Seals: Americas Secret Warriors. It brings back so many memories. It makes me think of all my battles from when I was in. It makes me realize that we all have a very special bond that will last forever. Those people were there when everyone around us wanted us dead. All we had was each other. We were there, together, fighting against people that hated us. 

I knew that no matter what happened those people were there. They were my family. They were my comrads. They were ultimately my protectors, and I was theirs. 

So many memories that go beyond the war we were fighting against people that hated us and didn’t want us there. 

One memory that sticks with me so strong is Moo. How she was my ultimate battle. That we were stuck together even when we weren’t together. We got separated not long after getting to Iraq. She was sent with another unit. As time went on she was put with another unit then another unit. They lost track of where she was. Nobody knew where to find her. I was so scared, so so scared that I had lost my battle. I annoyed the hell out of our command to find her. Nobody could. Then one night I was eating chow. My NCO called me outside. I couldn’t see. It was dark. All of a sudden someone ran and jump on me, wrapping their legs and arms around me. It was her, it was Moo! I knew it without seeing her face. My battle was safe, she was ok, she was there with me. Life, at that point, in a god forsaken country, was OK. I had my battle. 

That’s not the only memory. There are so many more.  Moo just meant so much to me, and still does. 

I can remember feeling the safest I ever did when I was there when I was with Chachi and Fourroux. Those guys always made sure us girls knew that if they were there no one would ever hurt us. That they would never let anything happen to us. 

There are so many memories of all of you. So many. I could go on and on but my teary eyes won’t let me. These are the raw emotions that will always be raw. They will be raw because these were the times that our lives were in each others hands. That all we had was each other in a time that no one around us cared if we lived. 

Remember, my battles, you ALL mean so much to me. You always will. No matter how far life take us or how many miles there are between us, you will always be in my heart. No one will ever understand what we went through but us. I love you guys. 

To his ex

As odd as this may be, I’m just compelled to write this. 

To the one before me…. 

Thank you for all the things you did to mess things up with him. 

Thank you for breaking his heart over and over again. By you breaking his heart all the time he was able to find someone and allow them to love him. He was able to find someone who didn’t want to break his heart. Just the opposite, heal it and make it all better. 

Thank you for always lying to him. By all your lies being told he was able to find someone he could trust. Someone who wouldn’t lie to him because they are best friends and lovers. 

Thank you for never supporting him in all the ways he should be. By your lack of support he was able to find someone who supports him and sees his true worth. Someone who wants nothing but the best for him. 

Thank you, just thank you. For everything you did. All the things to mess it up with him. He is an amazing man that deserves nothing but the best love that can be offered

I’m glad I was able to find this man and give him all he deserves. I’m more than happy to be the one to love him, support him and be his best friend. So, again, thank you for all your screw ups. 

I love you JBM, forever. 

I am blessed….. 

OK, so I originally started this blog post about a month ago and just never finished it. Well, today God made it very clear to me that I need to finish it. 
Me and my bestie were getting Mary Kay facials done today. We arrive to the lady’s house so we can do this. We go in, introduce ourselves and begin. My bestie asks her if she has children. She replies, My baby boy is in heaven. I just about lost it right there.She hadn’t long lost her baby and I don’t know how she done it. I would be a basket case right now. So here’s where the original post begins. 

 It’s been awhile, I know. I’ve been super busy with a 11 month old that is ALL over the place and a 7 year old that is super smart. 

Well, this post is actually about them. My 2 blessings. Everyday I am so thankful that God chose me to be their Mama. Out of all the women in the world, he chose me to create, love, teach, and guide these two. That, my friends, is a true blessing. The reason I say this is simple. I was blessed with two perfectly healthy, beautiful, smart, sweet, loving girls. Some women never get to experience that feeling. That blessing. For some reason, there are women out there that God chose to let them have their blessings only for a short time. Some that never got to hear the first cry, or see their beautiful eyes, or kiss their little toes. Some that got this but only for a short time. They never got to take their blessings home. Some that got to take them home but never got to hear them say Mama or Dada. 

Then again maybe these women are the true warriors. To have the strength to let their blessings go. To have the strength to move on after that. It takes real strength to carry a new life and then have to let it go. My heart fully goes out to any woman that has lost a baby. Whether it be early on because of miscarriage or after they’ve been born and held them. Just the thought of losing one of my girls breaks my heart. 

So, to all those women, you are the true heros. You are the strongest of the strong. 

The Butterfly Effect (not the movie) 

I know it’s been awhile people. For that, I am sorry. But here ya go….. 

So, me and the boyfriend were talking. The subject of the butterfly effect came up. For those of you that have no clue what it is….. 

So basically, change one tiny thing and it can effect the entire outcome of the future. 

Anyway, the subject came up about the little things we would make different in our pasts. Then I mentioned that changing just the one little thing could have made things so entirely different today. 

It’s so very true though. For example, if I would have chose to move back to Florida after I got out of the Army things now would be so very, very different. I would have never met my ex and stayed in NC, I would have never known about small town Raeford, I would have never had my first daughter and I wouldn’t have met my love and we wouldn’t have a beautiful baby girl together. 

So see, one seemingly small thing could have changed the whole course of my future. 

I look back in my life and think things could have been so different. But honestly, I’m glad ever single thing happened exactly how it did. I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way at this very moment. 

Friends, just remember the Butterfly Effect when you say you wish you would have done this or wish this had happened. Do you love your life the way it is? Then don’t wish to change anything. One tiny thing could mean EVERYTHING else would be different. 

In my arms

As I was rocking my baby girl to sleep tonight I realized something. The face of a sleeping child is the sweetest thing on earth.

No matter what the day has held, those faces change everything. If you’ve had a bad day, a rough day, a disappointing day, that face sleeping will change it all.

Some nights I catch myself watching our girls sleep. I just stand there and watch them as they are peacefully unaware of the cruel world around them. Their only protection from the cruelties of life is in our hands. We are their keepers, the ones who make it all better. It’s as if they know that they are completely and 100% safe right here, at home.

I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment just knowing they feel that safety. Knowing that no matter what the world throws at them, we are right here to catch them when life knocks them down.

Most nights I rock my baby girl to sleep. I swear, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just being able to hold her and provide that safety for her gives me the best pleasure as a mother. I remember rocking my first born the same way and feeling the best I could. Just knowing she felt the safest in my arms was great. I won’t always be able to hold any of our girls like that forever because on day they will be grown. But I hope they all know that right here, in my arms, none of them will be harmed, they will always be safe. Always.

None of them will ever be subjected to the tumultuous childhood I had. With every last fiber in my body, they will be safe and protected.

So, like I was saying, just looking at a child as they sleep peacefully, is one of the greatest things there is. One of the greatest rewards life has.

Parents, cherish them when they are small. Before the cruel world gets to them and hardens them as people. Cherish the innocence. Cherish their curiosity. Cherish it all while they are still perfectly innocent and look to you for all their protection, love and guidance.

I love you girls. All of you. With all my heart.  KMDP, RRB, JBM and JBM.