My battles…. My Army battles. 

Here we go y’all…..

Tonight I’m sitting here watching Navy Seals: Americas Secret Warriors. It brings back so many memories. It makes me think of all my battles from when I was in. It makes me realize that we all have a very special bond that will last forever. Those people were there when everyone around us wanted us dead. All we had was each other. We were there, together, fighting against people that hated us. 

I knew that no matter what happened those people were there. They were my family. They were my comrads. They were ultimately my protectors, and I was theirs. 

So many memories that go beyond the war we were fighting against people that hated us and didn’t want us there. 

One memory that sticks with me so strong is Moo. How she was my ultimate battle. That we were stuck together even when we weren’t together. We got separated not long after getting to Iraq. She was sent with another unit. As time went on she was put with another unit then another unit. They lost track of where she was. Nobody knew where to find her. I was so scared, so so scared that I had lost my battle. I annoyed the hell out of our command to find her. Nobody could. Then one night I was eating chow. My NCO called me outside. I couldn’t see. It was dark. All of a sudden someone ran and jump on me, wrapping their legs and arms around me. It was her, it was Moo! I knew it without seeing her face. My battle was safe, she was ok, she was there with me. Life, at that point, in a god forsaken country, was OK. I had my battle. 

That’s not the only memory. There are so many more.  Moo just meant so much to me, and still does. 

I can remember feeling the safest I ever did when I was there when I was with Chachi and Fourroux. Those guys always made sure us girls knew that if they were there no one would ever hurt us. That they would never let anything happen to us. 

There are so many memories of all of you. So many. I could go on and on but my teary eyes won’t let me. These are the raw emotions that will always be raw. They will be raw because these were the times that our lives were in each others hands. That all we had was each other in a time that no one around us cared if we lived. 

Remember, my battles, you ALL mean so much to me. You always will. No matter how far life take us or how many miles there are between us, you will always be in my heart. No one will ever understand what we went through but us. I love you guys. 


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