The Butterfly Effect (not the movie) 

I know it’s been awhile people. For that, I am sorry. But here ya go….. 

So, me and the boyfriend were talking. The subject of the butterfly effect came up. For those of you that have no clue what it is….. 

So basically, change one tiny thing and it can effect the entire outcome of the future. 

Anyway, the subject came up about the little things we would make different in our pasts. Then I mentioned that changing just the one little thing could have made things so entirely different today. 

It’s so very true though. For example, if I would have chose to move back to Florida after I got out of the Army things now would be so very, very different. I would have never met my ex and stayed in NC, I would have never known about small town Raeford, I would have never had my first daughter and I wouldn’t have met my love and we wouldn’t have a beautiful baby girl together. 

So see, one seemingly small thing could have changed the whole course of my future. 

I look back in my life and think things could have been so different. But honestly, I’m glad ever single thing happened exactly how it did. I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way at this very moment. 

Friends, just remember the Butterfly Effect when you say you wish you would have done this or wish this had happened. Do you love your life the way it is? Then don’t wish to change anything. One tiny thing could mean EVERYTHING else would be different. 


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